XTools Background: The platform of XTools has been under development since October 2022. It was made available to users in February 2024. For over a year, we have been diligently working on platform

Prelaunch Roadmap

Phase 1: Research and Planning (1-3 Months)

  • Conduct market research and competitive analysis. ✅

  • Define the target audience and user needs for the project. ✅

  • Determine technical requirements and architecture. ✅

  • Form the project team and define roles. ✅

Phase 2: Development and Testing (3-9 Months)

  • Design and develop the user interface. ✅

  • Integrate and optimize the algorithm. ✅

  • Test the beta version with users and gather feedback. ✅

  • Develop and test the smart contract. ✅

Current Roadmap

  • Launch the official XTAI Token and dApp.✅

  • Prepare educational materials and support documents for users.✅

  • Initiate social media and digital marketing campaigns.

  • Develop partnerships and collaborations.

  • Promote community management and user engagement.

  • Twitter and Telegram AMAs in KOLs

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