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Website: https://xtools.ist/

1.1 - Connect to Website

To begin using XTools, you first need to connect it with your Telegram account. You can do this easily by clicking on the "Connect with Telegram" option located in the top left corner of the interface.

1.2 - Dashboard Page

The Dashboard Page is currently under development. Once completed, this interface will serve as a comprehensive hub for monitoring all events, along with a host of additional features for an enhanced user experience.

1.3 - Explore Page

In the Explore section, we share the analysis results obtained through XTools' unique algorithm with you. This section includes features such as options to select categories, choose specific date, and a 'Fetch Daily Data' button that retrieves the relevant data for you. On this page, you can select a specific day to access data on the top-performing wallets for that day. By clicking on a wallet, you can view its detailed information, and if desired, you have the option to add these wallets to your favorites for easy future reference.

1.3.1 - Select a category

Currently, our algorithm curates the best-performing wallets and presents them to you in distinct categories. At the moment, you can select from three different categories, and we are continuously improving XTools. In the near future, you will have the capability to create your own custom categories. Category 1 - High ETH, Moderate PnL: This category includes wallets that invest substantial amounts of ETH and achieve coin-based PnLs ranging from 10% to 60%. It's tailored for those who make significant ETH contributions and seek moderate returns. Category 2 - Limited Transaction Wallets: This category is for wallets that engage in no more than 10 different trades. It is instrumental in identifying new and recurring successful wallets, especially since wallet owners often change their addresses over time. This category is key in pinpointing these consistently profitable wallets with a more focused trading pattern. Category 3 - Low ETH, High Gains: Focusing on wallets with high coin-based PnL values but lower ETH investments, this category is often where you'll find snipers. It's designed for those who manage to secure high returns from smaller investments.

1.3.2 - Select a date

In this section, you have the option to select a date. As we continuously perform automatic analysis of data throughout the day and present it here, we suggest reviewing the data for the current day at the end of the day for the most comprehensive insights. For data from other days, you can easily access it by clicking on the "Previous Day" and "Next Day" buttons, and then selecting "Fetch Daily Data" to retrieve the informations.

1.3.5 - Fetch Daily Data

When you click on the 'Fetch Daily Data' button, the data for that specific category and day will be displayed on your screen.

1.3.6 - Best Performing Wallets Data

In this section, we display the data selected by our algorithm from tens of thousands of transactions. Here, you can view wallets ranked based on their performance. The page showcases comprehensive details like the total trade PnL of each wallet, the average PnL from trades in the past week, earnings in the last 24 hours, and the total gain in the past week. By clicking on a Wallet Address, you are redirected to the Analyse page, which provides a more detailed examination of the wallet's activities.

1.4 - Favorites Page

In the Favorites section, you can easily track the wallets you've added to your favorites via the XTools Web or XTools Bot. You'll have instant access to the number of trades they've made in the last 24 hours and the past week, as well as the profits and losses from these trades. Moreover, you can view their ranking based on our sophisticated algorithm. As the number of wallets in your favorites grows, keeping track of them can become challenging. The Favorites screen solves this issue by presenting the data in two clear tables.

Additionally, you will receive real-time notifications through the Telegram Bot whenever any of your favorited wallets make a purchase or sale. This feature ensures you stay updated on their latest activities.

1.4.1 - Favorite Wallets Profits Table

In the first table, we present an overview of your favorite wallets based on their transactions in the last 24 hours. This table allows you to see up-to-date details about what your favored wallets have done in the past day, including the number of trades they have completed and the amount of profit they have generated. When the number of favorite wallets becomes substantial, tracking them individually can be challenging. However, the Favorites Page addresses this issue by consolidating this information into an easily accessible and organized format.

1.4.2 - Favorite Wallets Rankings Table

In the second table, our sophisticated algorithm ranks your favorited wallets and arranges them accordingly. This ranking system helps you quickly identify which of your favorite wallets are performing the best. Conversely, if a wallet is underperforming, you'll see it ranked lower, allowing you the option to remove it from your favorites. This feature becomes particularly useful when you have a large number of favorite wallets, such as over 75-100, making it much easier to track and manage them effectively.

1.5 - Analyse Page

A dedicated section for deep analytical insights into wallet activities. In the Analyse section, you simply enter a wallet address into the provided box at the top of the page. This action prompts us to list all the trades made by that particular wallet. On this page, you'll find a detailed enumeration of the wallet's trading activities, providing a comprehensive overview of its transactions.

In the analysis view, the data we provide includes the Transaction Gas Fee. This means the profit displayed is the net profit. Consequently, this allows you to see the actual net earnings a person has made from a coin, enabling you to base your analysis on this comprehensive information.

1.5.1 - Write a Wallet Address Box

In this section, you enter the wallet address.

1.5.2 - Anaylse Button

By clicking the 'Analyse Button', we initiate the analysis of the wallet, and the data is then populated into our tables.

When analyzing a wallet, we do not rely on static background data or fetch information from any external API. Instead, we process the data internally. Due to this method, loading data for wallets with a high number of transactions may take a bit longer, as we ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information we present.

1.5.3 - Write Name Box | 1.5.4 - Add to Favorites Button | 1.5.5 - Delete Button | 1.5.6 - Blacklist Button

If you find the analysis of a wallet useful, you can assign a name to that wallet and subsequently save it by clicking the 'Add to Favorites' button.

Using the 'Delete Button', you can remove a wallet that you have added to your favorites.

Wallets added to the blacklist will not reappear in the results on the Explore screen. This is particularly useful when you come across wallets that you do not favor or whose analysis does not meet your criteria on the Explore screen. By adding them to the Blacklist, you can ensure that these wallets are excluded from future searches and analyses.

1.5.7 - Wallet Info Area

In this section, you can access the ETH balance of the wallet. Clicking on the wallet address will redirect you to Etherscan for further details.

1.5.8 - Wallet Profit Overview Area

In this section, you'll receive detailed information about the wallet's generated profits. This includes data on the number of trades conducted in the last 24 hours, the previous week, and over the entirety of the wallet's trading history. Additionally, it provides the PnL Percentage, which indicates the success rate of these trades, along with the Net Profit in dollars and the Net ETH profit, offering a comprehensive view of the wallet's financial performance.

1.5.9 - Wallet Analysis Area

In this section, you gain access to detailed insights regarding the wallet's average PnL value for each token and the number of tokens that have yielded over 80% profit. This information is provided based on the trading activity of the last 24 hours, the past week, and across all trades, offering a comprehensive understanding of the wallet's performance per token.

1.6.0 - Trades View Area

The Analyse page is a key area for deep dive analysis of a wallet's activities. Here, the wallet's coin-based trades are chronologically listed from the most recent to the earliest. You'll find information such as the first purchase date of the coin, the token address, token name, the count of buying and selling the coin, the amount of ETH bought and sold, the purchase and sale values in USD, as well as the profit in both ETH and USD terms, including the percentage profit.

The profit values provided here include transaction fee costs, giving a clearer picture of the net profit from each coin and ensuring more accurate and comprehensive information. Clicking on the First Buy column for a coin redirects you to the transaction hash on Etherscan. Clicking on the contract address takes you to the coin on DexScreener, and in the Buy/Sell column, you can view and analyze all the transaction hashes associated with that coin.

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