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One of the greatest advantages blockchain offers us is the recording of our transactions, making them accessible for review by both us and others. However, with over a million transactions daily on the ETH network, it's humanly impossible to analyze each one manually, and yet, missing out on these insights could mean missing out on substantial gains. By analyzing these transactions, we can understand who is profiting and develop our own strategies. We can copy their transactions and earn similar profits. But the question remains: how do we analyze million transactions every day?

Moreover, every day on the ETH network, hundreds of new coins are released, many of which are scams, and we often lose money to these scams. However, there are thousands of wallets and people who profit from non-scams coins. We should be among these winners. As humans, constrained by time, analyzing wallets takes a considerable amount of our time. For instance, we can examine the wallets that buy and sell from a coin's chart section on websites like Etherscan, but we lose a lot of time on these sites and, due to their complexity, we can't fully understand the profits and losses made by these wallets. This is where XTools comes into play. XTools analyzes tens of thousands of transactions every day for you, using our AI algorithm. We offer you a platform where we analyze consistently profitable wallets, those with minimal rug pulls, and wallets that continue to perform well. Every day, we provide you with a daily list of the top-performing wallets, categorized and ranked according to our algorithm. XTools Dapp offers indispensable features for those who want to create a buy and sell strategy, trade like insiders, discover wallets that profit daily, effortlessly investigate their transactions, or copy trade to achieve the same profit ratios.

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