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-dAPP: https://xtools.ist/

The XTools website offers a comprehensive suite of features for an enhanced user experience. Here, you have the ability to:

  1. View Daily Analysis Results: Access the latest analysis results generated by the sophisticated XTools algorithm, updated realtime for accuracy and relevance.

  2. Conduct In-Depth Wallet Analysis: Delve into detailed examinations of each wallet, providing you with deeper insights into their activities and trends.

  3. Customize Your Experience with Favorites: Easily mark and manage your preferred wallets by adding them to your favorites list for quick and convenient access.

  4. Receive Timely Notifications: Stay informed with instant notifications from the XTools Bot whenever there is buying or selling activity in your favorite wallets.

Additionally, the XTools DAPP is intuitively structured into four key sections:

  • Dashboard: A central hub for an overview of your activities and findings. [Under Development]

  • Explore: A space to daily investigate and discover best performing wallets.

  • Favorites: A personalized area where you can quickly access and monitor wallets you've marked as favorite.

  • Analyse: A dedicated section for deep analytical insights into wallet activities.

The XTools DAPP consists of four main sections: Dashboard, Explore, Favorites, and Analyse.

Each of these sections is designed to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling you to navigate the world of blockchain with greater confidence and clarity.

Detailed explanition of XTools Website is in here:

📎XTools dAPP

XTools Telegram Bot

Login to the XTools Dapp, scan any wallet and get quick information, view your favorite wallets, and receive notifications from the wallets you've added to your favorites list. - https://t.me/XToolsERCBot?start=start

  1. Easy Login: Quickly access the XTools Dapp.

  2. Wallet Scanning: Instantly scan any wallet then get informations about it.

  3. Favorites Management: Conveniently view and manage your favorite wallets, making it easier to keep track of those you're most interested in.

  4. Custom Notifications: Stay updated with real-time notifications from the wallets you've added to your favorites, ensuring you never miss important activity.

Detailed explanation of XTools Telegram Bot is in here:

📪XTools Telegram Bot

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