📪Connect To XTools Website

You can connect the XTools website via XTools telegram bot or via XTools dAPP Website: https://xtools.ist/

- Connect Via XTools Telegram Bot

You can connect the XTools website via our telegram bot

/login Command

After typing the /login command in the XTools Bot, a 'Go to XTools dAPP' button will appear. Simply click this button to proceed.

By clicking on the 'Go To XTools DApp' button and then choosing 'Open', you will be seamlessly redirected to the XTools website and allowing you to immediately start using our suite of tools.

Step 2 - Connect Via Web

Click the "Connect with Telegram" button in the left side of website. Telegram will be open, you can send a /login command in XTools Bot.

This link will redirect you to Telegram Web. By clicking on the link and selecting 'SEND MESSAGE' to the XTools Bot, you will automatically send the /login command to the bot. You can then follow the steps in the /login command on Telegram to log in.

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