📪XTools Telegram Bot

Login to the XTools Dapp, scan any wallet and get quick information, view your favorite wallets, and receive notifications from the wallets you've added to your favorites list.

Bot Link: https://t.me/XToolsERCBot

/help Command

When you use the /help command on the bot, you gain access to a list of commands that can be utilized within the bot.

/login Command

When you write /login command on the XTools Bot, you can connect to XTools Dapp with your telegram account.

and when you click Go To XTools dApp button, then if you can click open button, you connect to XTools Dapp.

/wallet WALLETADDRESS Command

To use the /wallet command, you need to enter the wallet address you wish to scan immediately after the command. The wallet is scanned swiftly, and relevant information about it is displayed on your screen. If you want to add the wallet to your favorites, you can click the 'Add To Favorites' button on the image, assign a name to it, and save. You will then start receiving real-time notifications about its buying and selling activities. Clicking on the 'More Detailed Analysis' link will redirect you to the XTools website for a more in-depth analysis of the wallet.

/wallets Command

This command allows you to view the wallets you have added to your favorites. You can add wallets to your favorites through both the XTools website and the XTools Bot. To use this command and see your favorite wallets, you need to have added wallets to your favorites list first.

- Favorite Wallet Details

From here, you can access the details of the wallets you've added to your favorites. Just click one of your favorite wallet. In the wallet details, you have the option to change the wallet's name or delete it.

- Favorite Wallet Notification

You will receive instant notifications via the XTools Bot about the buying and selling activities of the wallets you have added to your favorites.

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